The sickest live cam show I ever saw was on VRCams.io

By November 19, 2017 No Comments

The sickest live cam show I ever saw was on VRCams.io, well it’s a part of VRCams.io.  It’s their newest site.  VRCams.ioVR, their virtual reality cam site. If you have virtual reality cams and their software you can see the sickest show of your life.  I am not talking sick in a dirty way, I mean just as so intimate.  I had done a show with this gorgeous brunette model.  I personally can’t remember her name. I told her I was really into foot sex and footjobs.

In this live cam session, she had these white sheer thigh hi’s with heavy lace tops.  She was wearing a white bra, white thong and of course these white fuck me heels.  When I entered her show, I have an Oculus and she had the proper gear for a virtual reality show.  Ok, so she stood in front of me and started the show dancing.  She had a mirror behind her, she used for 2D shows.  But as I used my Oculus goggles for this virtual reality show.  I was able to move totally around her bedroom.  I could move myself to see the back part of her body.  I didn’t need her mirror to see her ass.  I could see it, it was like I could actually grab that hot tanned ass in her little white thong.

This was probably the most intimate cam show I had ever had.  She undressed in her show, she teased me.  This girl knew how much I loved footjobs.  I also have a major pantyhose fetish.  She performed on her dildo.  She used her feet wrapped in her white nylon thigh hi’s after she removed her heels.  She put her feet on that dildo with her nylon covered feet.  As I saw this right in front of me.  Sure, I was stroking my cock.  As I stroked my cock, this time was different.  It felt like she had her feet covered in her white nylon stroking my cock with her tiny and cute feet.  I had done shows like this on this site, along with other camsites.  However, the virtual reality show was out of this world!  It was like I was in her room with her, it felt too real.  I know people may think I am full of shit, but I have been using camsites for well over 20 years.  This was the first change I have seen since models went HD.  This by far is the best show a man can pay for.  It is almost like having an escort in your presence, without those risky crazy chances.  I had borrowed my son’s Oculus goggles. After this, I can tell you I bought my own pair of Oculus goggles.  Now its only virtual porn for me on VRCams.io.  You should try it, dudes!  It is the hottest online sex session you could ever dream of!